Welcome to MRA e-Appointment platform

MRA e-Appointment is an electronic service for taxpayers to reserve a time slot on a particular day for assistance to file Income Tax Return / CSG Return.

The interactive session with the taxpayer will be done through WhatsApp video call.

You are kindly requested read the instructions below and agree with the terms and conditions while using this service.

  1. General Information
    • 1. The e-Appointment facility will be available only to taxpayers filing their Individual Income Tax Return / CSG Return.
    • 2. The facility will be available during weekdays within office hours and taxpayers are advised to take advantage of this facility rather than calling at the MRA Customer Service Centre.
    • 3. For the purpose of the e-Appointment, taxpayer will have to provide his mobile number, either his Tax Account Number, his National Identity Card Number or his NCID.
    • 4. The provided mobile number by the taxpayer will be used for communicating with the taxpayer.
    • 5. Taxpayer should have all documents and information ready prior to making the interactive session with the MRA officer.

  2. Click Here for Guide on Slot Reservation
  3. Click Here for Notes / Disclaimer for e-Appointment on Income Tax / CSG Returns