Covid-19 : Urgent Measures

1. Self Employed Assistance Scheme (SEAS)

  1. March 2021
    Application Form

    The facility to apply for SEAS for the month of March 2021 will be applicable ONLY for those who did not apply in 2020 and who may now be eligible.
    Please note that NO new SEAS application is required for existing applicants. If there is no change in the details as mentioned in the previous submitted SEAS application, the latter will be processed as it was done previously.
    Otherwise, if you want to apply or edit (e.g Bank Details, Estimated Turnover) your application for the SEAS for March 2021, click on link below.

  2. Withdrawal
  3. Self-employed individuals who have previously made an application for SEAS and not eligible to the allowance for the month of March 2021, are requested to withdraw their application, by 19 March 2021, using the below facility:

  4. Check Status
  5. Guide and FAQs

2. Government Wage Assistance Scheme (GWAS)

  1. March 2021 -
  2. Communique
  3. Prior March 2021
  4. Application Form with explanations : Tourism Sector Communique
  5. Withdrawal

3. COVID-19 Solidarity Fund

  1. Framework and Operating Guidelines
  2. Application form for Individuals (This Application Form is NOT meant for the Self-Employed Assistance Scheme)
  3. Application form for Organisations/Institutions (This Application Form is NOT meant for the Government Wage Assistance Scheme)

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