Wage Assistance Scheme (WAS)

Extension for month of February 2021

The GWAS is a financial assistance provided by the Government of Mauritius to Employers as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure that all employees are duly paid their salary for the month of February 2021.

The scheme is applicable to businesses in the island of Mauritius which have the necessary licence/permit from the relevant authorities:

Tourism sector

  1. Hotels, guest houses, tourist residences and domaines;
  2. Tourist enterprises except restaurants, pubs and tables d'hotes;
  3. Pleasure crafts engaged in commercial nautical activities;
  4. Travel agencies, tour operators, tourist guides or canvassers;
  5. National airline, including Air Mauritius Limited and Airmate Ltd;
  6. Businesses deriving at least 50% of their income from goods sold or services provided to persons engaged in tourism activities as listed at (a)(1) to (5) above.*
  7. Handicraft businesses having employees
  8. Companies dealing in baggage handling at the airport
  9. Companies dealing with cargo handling at the airport
  10. Airport lounge
  11. Baggage wrapping business at the airport
  12. Businesses recruiting students to be placed on internships in hotels
  13. A holder of Public Service Vehicle Licence (Contract Bus) for the conveyance of Tourists
  14. An MQA and IATA registered training institution providing courses on aviation and related fields if its intake for the current cohort has been reduced by more than 50% as compared to the corresponding intake in the previous cohort;
  15. The Tax Tourist Refund Counter operated by the MCCI at the airport;
  16. Restaurants, pubs, tables d'hotes holding a tourist enterprise licence.**
  17. Contract car businesses or contract bus businesses, event management companies, and**
  18. Attractions, amusement parks, natural sites and museums.**
  19. Foreign exchange dealers or money-changers;**
  20. Shops under the Deferred Duty and Tax Scheme;**
  21. Tourist shops operating in the premises of a hotel or a shop, outside a hotel, selling products mainly to tourists.**

* A self employed engaged in activities falling under item (6) above is entitled to GWAS only.

** Items(16) to (21) are applicable to businesses whose turnover has fallen by more than 40% in February 2021 as compared to the corresponding turnover in February 2020. However, this condition does not apply to an enterprise which has been set up on or after 01 July 2019.

The scheme covers both Mauritians and expatriate employees working in Mauritius. However, the scheme is not applicable to Ministries and Government Departments, Local Authorities, Statutory Bodies and Government Owned Companies.

The Eligible Employers will benefit financial assistance from the Government as per the table below:

For every employee with basic salary in February 2021 Basis Assistance per employee(Rs)
From 9,700 to Rs 25,375 One month wages From Rs 9,700 to Rs 25,375
From Rs 25,375 to Rs 50,375 Fixed Amount Rs 25,375
Above Rs 50,375 Nil Nil

Click here to apply for Government Wage Assistance Scheme

The quantum of assistance claimed should be based on the basic salary of the employees as normally declared by employers in their monthly CSG Returns.

In processing the applications under GWAS, the MRA will carry out internal checks to verify the correctness of claims. Thereafter, MRA will credit the approved amount to the employer's bank account used by him for payment of monthly NPS contribution.

MRA will, after submission of the CSG return for the month of February 2021, further verify the amount claimed and make adjustments accordingly.

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