Self-Employed Assistance Scheme (SEAS)

The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) informs eligible self-employed individuals, who are in business, or tradespersons operating in the informal sector, that the facilities to file an application for a financial support under the Self-Employed Assistance Scheme (SEAS) are available on its website:

The facility to apply for SEAS for the month of March 2021 will be applicable ONLY for those who did not apply in 2020 and who may now be eligible.

Please note that NO new SEAS application is required for existing applicants. If there is no change in the details as mentioned in the previous submitted SEAS application, the latter will be processed as it was done previously.

Eligible self-employed individuals and tradespersons are entitled, for the month of March 2021, to a financial assistance of Rs 2,644.All payments will be credited to the applicant's bank account.

Pre-requisite to join the scheme:

  1. A self-employed individual who is in business, or a tradesperson operating in the informal sector, e.g. a mason, a cabinet maker, a plumber, a hairdresser or an artist is entitled to join the assistance scheme provided he is a Mauritian national above 18 years of age and who has been in business for a period of at least 3 months prior to 10 March 2021..
  2. The following individuals are NOT eligible to the assistance:
    1. an individual who is an employee, whether full-time or part-time;
    2. a person who is eligible to receive basic retirement pension;
    3. an individual who receives monthly social benefits;
    4. an individual pursuing higher study on a full-time basis;
    5. a person who is a dependent spouse;
    6. a person who was unemployed as at 01 March 2021;
    7. an individual who forms part of a household having total monthly income (including passive income, e.g. rent, dividends, interests or profits) exceeding Rs. 50,000;
    8. an individual who is in a business where he earns only passive income, e.g. rent; and
    9. fisherman.
    10. An individual receiving transitional unemployment benefits.


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